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Imagine a world where students view each other as equals. Imagine a world where students celebrate what they have in common with other kids and learn to appreciate one another’s differences. Imagine a world where kids help each other live more fully into their stories!

Kids for justice is a school-based program geared towards helping teachers empower their elementary-aged students to discover the needs of kids in haiti and take action to effect change.

how it works:

Teachers will lead their class through five experiential learning activities, exposing their students to injustice in an age-appropriate, compelling way. Teachers will also empower their students to take action through raising funds or organizing a supply drive. One 17 staff members provide support and resources.

Length of program:

Kids for Justice takes a minimum of eight weeks to complete. Teachers control the pace.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will learn how kids in Haiti live.

  • Students will identify interests, routines, and hopes that they share.

  • Students will learn about poverty and different standards of living.

  • Students will be empowered to take action and effect change in tangible ways.

Interest Form

After completing the form, a One 17 staff member will contact you with more information about the Kids for Justice program. Completing the form does not indicate a commitment to participation, but communicates your interest in the program.

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