We're partnering with New Hope School to serve 250 students.

250 students are enrolled in our english program.


8 community members are employed at new hope and lead the english program.

Who is New Hope?

New Hope School was founded by Sarith Outh and Chanthy Sey, Cambodian Nationals who were radically impacted by the Gospel. Upon personally receiving the hope of Jesus, they were inspired to leverage education to help children discover a new hope, new vision, and new future for their lives. New Hope launched operations in the Battambang province with a small staff in 2012 and has been operating for seven years.

Why Partnership?

strategic launch

Partnering with New Hope allows our organization to launch our work in Cambodia sooner than expected while strategically serving students in need of the hope of Jesus.

strategic Impact

Launching work through a partner who is already established allows us to serve as a catalyst to their operations by providing support, training, and new curriculum to their work.

Strategic Growth

Partnering with New Hope allows us to grow our impact and student numbers at an exponential rate. Together, we’re able to serve and reach more students than we could alone.

Shared mission

Our missions are fully in line. Each organization desires to serve students who are left behind by providing hope through education, or “new hope.”

Shared Vision

Our vision is aligned around developing a multi-campus school system that serves the left behind by providing Christian education to those who need it most.

Shared Values

We see our work through a similar lens. Both organizations value indigenous leadership, storytelling, collaboration, and have a desire to fight injustice through prevention.

What’s our long-term plan?

one-year partnership agreement

We are currently committed to one year of partnership and have signed a one-year agreement. During the first year of partnership, we will focus on developing our relationship and discerning the long-term direction of our partnership. We are prayerfully considering conducting a merger or developing a long-term partnership agreement. Our ministry impact will focus on implementing our 1:17 Bible Curriculum and providing training experiences to the New Hope staff team.

long-term Vision

Assuming a long-term partnership or merger takes place, we will begin implementing a plan to scale New Hope’s work and launch a traditional school with Christian curriculum and values while maintaining the English program New Hope currently operates. This will include purchasing land, constructing a new school campus, hiring additional indigenous staff, and sending mid- or long-term missionaries. If a long-term partnership with New Hope is not developed, we trust God to provide a new path forward and will have gained valuable operational experience in Cambodia during the 2019-20 school year.

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