empowerment philosophy


We equip and empower indigenous staff members to lead school operations and educate our students. Nobody knows the culture and challenges our students face better than adults who have grown up in the community. We collaborate with members of the community to serve our students and meet their needs.

enrichment curriculum

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We strive to be culturally relevant and adhere to in-country standards by using government curriculum as a starting point and focusing on enrichment in two areas:

  1. Spiritual Development: A team of stateside volunteers collaborates with staff members to create character-based Bible curriculum that helps point students to Jesus by “learning to do right.”

  2. Staff Training: We provide weekly, monthly, and annual training experiences to our school staff that are focused on developing leadership skills and improving teaching methods.

impact Strategy


build belonging

From greeting students at the door to learning student stories to sharing meals, we build belonging by being intentional about how we build and steward relationships.

cast vision

By studying God’s word, identifying injustices, and helping students discover how they’re unique, we cast vision for how our staff and students can play a role in God’s restoration story.

pursue growth

Academic competitions, leadership training, and one-on-one discipleship help our students and staff pursue growth and become who God created them to be.

Create Opportunity

Service learning projects, after-school programming, and field trips create opportunities for our students to apply what they learn and impact their family, community, and future today!

Graduate Vision

Upon graduation, we see our students pursuing one of three paths:


Students who want to pursue higher education as they’re equipped to realize dreams of being doctors, nurses, teachers, business leaders, politicians, and lawyers.


Students who have the potential to revitalize local economies through skills and talents ranging from pottery to plumbing to developing new farming techniques.


Students who have strong desires to right the wrongs of injustice in their communities and across the globe through church planting and nonprofit work.

Portrait of a Graduate


Even though each student has a unique future ahead of them, every student will graduate with:

  1. A strong academic foundation.

  2. Knowledge that they are prodigies with unique roles in God’s story.

  3. The ability to lead with wisdom, courage, honesty, respect, humility, and a servant’s heart.

  4. A foundation of truth set in God’s word and a spirit shaped by the vision of Isaiah 1:17.