During the 2019-20 school year, we will serve 444 students, employ 48 indigenous leaders, and operate 3 campuses in 2 countries.



We operate two campuses in the Central Plateau region of Haiti. 40 Haitians are employed and 240 students are enrolled. Our first campus is now 7 years old and our second campus is opening for its inaugural year! Campus One serves 200 students in K-5th grade classes. Campus Two serves 40 students in two Kindergarten classes. The two campuses are 30 minutes apart and overseen by our Haiti Lead Team.



We are partnering with New Hope School, an indigenous start-up, to operate an English program on their campus in Battambang. 8 Cambodians are employed and 204 students are enrolled. We are committed to this partnership for one year and hope to build a long-term relationship. Our long-term goal is to build a Christian school system in rural Cambodia. Our New Hope School Board oversees this partnership.


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