On August 17th, we locked arms with Egress Endurance as they organized their second annual Riley Trails Marathon!

four runners raised $1,780 for hope through education.


What’s the meaning behind Better Together?

In Luke 5, a group of People act boldly in order to bring their friend to jesus.

The man was in desperate need of healing. His friends were relentless in their pursuit of restoration on his behalf. Together, they boldly approached Jesus and found healing, hope, and restoration.

When we lock arms with our friends to pursue hope and healing for others, We, too, are “better together.”



Where will my money go?

$500 is what it takes to provide hope through education to one student in Haiti.

100% of Better Together donations go directly towards supporting students.

meet our runners!

meet our partner.


Egress Endurance is an event management company that strives to get people outdoors and create amazing trail, ultra and endurance events that push the limits of the mind and body.