Pray. Serve. Give.
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We pray first

Bold prayers honor God, and God honors bold prayers. Pray consistently for protection, discernment, and the growth of our influence.
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Advocate for a student

Learn specific prayers to pray for an individual student and intercede for him or her daily.
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Join our 1:17 curriculum team, coordinate supply drives, develop plans with our building committee, help organize trips, or send out mailings. Your time and talents are valuable to us.
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We take 3-4 serving trips each year. Construction, healthcare, teacher training, and camp trips are becoming a part of our yearly mission.
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The One 17 Challenge is an annual peer-to-peer fundraising event that supports hope through education. 15-20 participants leverage their influence by raising $1,000 or more and participating in an injustice challenge.
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Joining our sponsorship team is a big deal! You can give yearly or monthly to support a classroom or a staff member. All funds go directly to school operations!
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Roots Membership

Roots members give with a cheerful heart towards operational overhead costs. You recognize our need for leadership and administration and are excited to help make hope through education happen in this way!
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Make a general donation and 100% of your money will go towards campus development, experiences for our students, or school operations.
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Learn more about our organization, progress, and stories.