Intern Reflection: Hadley

Interning for Project 117 is something I have wanted to do since the first time I went to Haiti during my freshman year of college.  Now that I have actually completed the internship, it is humorous to see the differences between what I expected versus actually experienced.  

Expected: I’ll probably be in the office for seven hours each day.  

Experienced:  I had the freedom to choose my own schedule.  I never once was dictated in choosing anything and was treated like an adult in that I knew how to get things done on time (even though sometimes I did fail in that).

Expected:  I’m just there for the job.

Experienced:  With Project 117 being a Christian organization, mentorship was very valued and I felt like I was cared for as a whole person.  I received grace when I messed up and was critiqued with the same gentleness of Christ. 

Expected: I will be given tasks.

Experienced:  I was given RESPONSIBILITY.  This was absolutely huge!  I have learned more and more that leaders give responsibility, not tasks.  When you truly own something, you grow more.  You have to plan everything and also have the freedom to get as expressive and creative as you want.  

Expected:  I might run out of things to do 

Experienced: Not True!!!!!  There was always something that I was invited to learn, plenty of responsibilities to manage, and the freedom to branch into other projects as well.  There is something for every type of worker at Project 117.  If you enjoy people and education related things: covered.  Marketing and Design: covered.  Business and Tax-related interests (yuck! In my mind): Yes, covered even for you imbeciles!    

Okay, okay, so I don’t get me wrong, I did not expect this to be the worst experience of my life, I had a few apprehensions, but I knew that this was a great opportunity and an honor for me to participate in.  I am so thankful that I had the chance to be the first intern of Project 117.  And now, to the next Intern, I pass the baton.