Our school mission is owned and carried out by our Haitian staff.

Monthly or annual giving levels







They feed the hungry, teach our students to "do right" (Isaiah 1:17), and provide leadership to our movement on the ground.

Staff Sponsorship connects you to our Haitian staff team!

all funds go toward our $41,400 staff Payroll and supplement our class sponsorship initiative. This program is available to returning staff members who desire to participate.

Upon starting your staff sponsorship, you will receive a photo of the individual you choose to sponsor, quarterly newsletters with staff team stories, and any prayer requests the staff member you sponsor gives us!

Program Participants

When setting up your gift, note the staff member you wish to sponsor in the giving details. 


Yvrose | Administrative Director

Yvrose joined our staff team in the summer of 2016. She has an eye for detail, a love for organization, and a warm, inviting personality. She sits on our school leadership team and provides direction and energy to our administrative processes on a daily basis! She has two boys who attend our school and one more on the way.


France Lourne | 1st Grade Teacher

France Lourne is an up-and-coming leader with incredible potential. She is a gifted communicator with an incredible personal story of perseverance. She started out in 2016 as a Class Assistant and is now stepping into a new leadership role as our 1st Grade Teacher. We are excited to see her continue to learn, grow, and lead in the coming years!


Dieflyne | Assistant Principal

Dieflyne is an effective leader marked by a quiet strength and a strong desire for academic excellence in the classroom. She is full of leadership potential and extremely motivated to learn and grow. She joined our staff team in 2016 as a 1st Grade Teacher and is working towards becoming a Campus Principal.


Nikol | Lead Cook

Nikol has served on our staff team since 2015. She is the team leader for our auxiliary staff, oversees the purchasing of ingredients and the preparation of school lunches, and sits on our school leadership team. She is a spiritual rock on our campus who is highly involved in her local church.


Claudine | School Nurse

Claudine joined our staff team in 2017. She is a licensed nurse practitioner in Haiti and provides monthly health check-ups to all of our students. She also teaches health education classes once a month to each of our classes. She is passionate about providing healthcare to our students so that their bodies and minds are ready to learn!


Amaquel | Security Guard

Amaquel is a loyal employee who takes the responsibility of his job very seriously. He is a stoic, strong male figure at the school who is well respected by his security teammates.  He loves to eat, gaze at stars, and play card games. He has been protecting our campus on his night guard shift since 2014.


Woodmirline | Kindergarten 3 Teacher

Woodmirline is a bubbly, caring teacher with a deep love for her students! She brings energy to her classroom everyday and does a great job connecting with students, coworkers, and parents. She embodies our core value of collaboration and is quick to volunteer to serve on event planning committees. She has served on our staff team since 2016.


Wisline | Kindergarten 2 Teacher

Wisline has been a part of the One 17 family since 2015 when she was originally hired on as a Class Assistant. She displayed strong leadership and teamwork skills as she worked under Wolcarline while also going to school to gain her teaching certificate. She is now entering into her second year as a Kindergarten Teacher. She is married with a sweet daughter who attends our school.


Apredieu | Groundskeeper

Apredieu has served at our school since 2014. He is the first person to greet our students as they walk through the gate to our school as he provides security to our campus during the school day. He also provides oversight to our facilities and manages our work-study students as they complete their weekly volunteer hours. Apre is married and a father to nine children, six of whom are a part of our school family.


Gregory | Country Director

Gregory is the leader of our organization in Haiti and the driving force behind our school operations. He is a humble leader with an incredible heart for our students and staff. He works 40-50 hours per week for us, attends graduate school on the weekend, and also volunteers regularly. He has served on our staff team since 2014.



Wolcarline | Campus 1 Principal

Wolcarline is an energetic, joy-filled leader with a contagious smile and a deep desire to do her best on a daily basis. She is a student magnet with sincere love for those we serve and is great at sparking positive change on our school campus. She started out as Kindergarten Teacher in 2014 and has moved up the leadership pipeline at our school from Assistant Principal to Principal.


DSC_0445 2.jpg

Wisnham | Lead Security Guard

Wisnham was one of the first people we met as we started construction on the road to our school property. Wisnham has proved himself to be a loyal friend, a respected man of influence in his village, and a great worker! He currently leads our Security Guard team and has been a part of our staff team since 2013. Two of his four children attend our school.


DSC_0101 2.jpg

Silfise | Student Caretaker

Silfise is the kind of person that you instantly fall in love with. She is patient, sweet, and caring with a generous spirit. Her role at the school isn't glorious, however, each day she completes small acts of love for our students that are an important part of our school culture. She has served on our team since 2013.



Gertha | Cook

Gertha loves food and preparing it for others. She is a dedicated worker with a fiery personality and deep commitment to her children and grandchildren. She is growing in her faith yearly and has enjoyed partnering with our Lead Cook, Nicole. Gertha pours her heart into cooking and is an extremely hard worker.