Recently, a team of dedicated volunteers and board members took a Vision Trip to Cambodia as part of our exploration of what it might look like to begin a new arm of ministry among her people. Our prayer for the trip was that God would use the trip and the stories that came out of it to help us discern if He is calling us to step into a new story by taking action in Cambodia. We asked our team members several questions about their experience in Cambodia; their answers are clear evidence of how God answers bold prayers. 


How have you seen God work through this trip?

God was on the move from the very beginning, aligning the right people at the right time for the trip. He was working at breaking our hearts on this trip for His people. Finally, God was working—and will continue to work—through the divine appointments that came our way. Only God.
— Paige
I was really surprised at the positive tone and alignment of every single one of our meetings and our in-country team...God gave us unique insight into how we can partner and resource with each group. I felt like I would have to be blind to miss God this past week.
— Evan

What excites you most about doing work in cambodia?

I’m excited to meet such a raw, urgent need in Cambodia. Seeing Buddhist idols, hearing stories of human trafficking, learning about the Khmer Rouge Genocide, and seeing the sex tourism industry firsthand rocked me to my core. If we want to be part of God’s story for our organization, saying “yes” to this work is the only option.
— Curtis

What story of the week captured your heart the most?

The little 4-year-old girl wearing a shirt that said “One Child Matters.” She matters to God. All those kids matter to God. The need in Cambodia could feel overwhelming. That was God’s reminder to me that He’s not calling us to save Cambodia. Just invest in one child, because that child matters.
— Paige

The trip was, at times, overwhelming. The need and social problems are so great. When we stepped on campus at a small English training school, I was flooded with emotions and reminders. I was reminded that this is what One 17 does best. I was reminded that education is what changes cultures.
— Evan

Why do you think it's important for one 17 international to begin working among unreached people groups?

It is the essence of Isaiah 1:17. Unreached People Groups include widows, orphans, and the down-and-out. Working among Unreached People is consistent with our core values and mission and without a doubt where I see God leading One 17 International.
— Jeff
God is inviting us to tell a new story, and it’s the most urgent story we’ve ever been invited to tell. There are people who have never heard the name of Jesus and they’re dying to know him. There are kids who need to be rescued from human trafficking and child slavery and we can leverage hope through education to change everything for them.
— Curtis
The Bible does ask us to spread the Word of God to unchurched nations. Cambodia is definitely this place.
— Jean