Marckenley’s Story

Marckenley was busting a move at Camp in January!
January 15, 2019

A family celebrates milestones and accomplishments with each other just as often as it rallies around each other in the face of obstacles, struggle, and hardship. This year, Marckenley—a first grade student—experienced first-hand the healing and restorative power of a family’s support in his own journey.

A motorcycle accident in early October left Marckenley with a fractured leg and a long recovery period during which he was unable to attend school. This didn’t stop our staff and students from rallying around him.

Our school family assisted him and his family in many ways: through support and prayers, through home visits to keep his spirits up, and even through providing transportation to and from his numerous medical appointments. On an organizational level, we were able to use our healthcare fund to assist Marckenley’s family as they paid his medical bills.

Two months after the accident, Marckenley rejoined his classmates and returned to school. With his leg still in a cast, he was still in need of the support that his peers and teachers were eager to give. Since he was unable to walk to school, our Country Director, Greg, picked him up every day. As school opened back up in January, Marckenley was walking with his peers and sister, Medjine, once again.

Marc playing soccer with friends.  January 13, 2019

Marc playing soccer with friends.
January 13, 2019

Marckenley’s story is one that reminds us of just how important family is. Our school is a family, a small community that shares in pain and obstacle as much as it shares in a triumphant return to school. For our students, sitting in class is not enough. For our teachers, planning lessons isn’t enough. For all of us, hope through education means experiencing and learning about the world that surrounds us as we find the belonging, acceptance, and support that only a family can offer.