Current Opening:

Events Director

The Events Director will work with the Executive Director in order to create and facilitate fundraising and serving events. He or she will be responsible for building and leading volunteer teams, developing relationships with event sponsors, and managing event budgets.

Job posted on August 10, 2018 (will remain posted until filled).


Resonates personally with the mission of One 17 International

Bachelor’s degree in Event Planning, Hospitality, Nonprofit Management, or other related fields

Minimum of 1 year experience working in Event Planning, Nonprofit Development, Volunteer Management, or equivalent work experiences


Relationship builder: has the ability to develop relationships with potential volunteers and donors by leveraging your personal network and intentionally building new relationships

Administrator: has the skills to manage details effectively, organize details between departments and teams, and prioritize responsibilities

Volunteer coordinator: has the ability to equip and empower volunteers to use their time and talents to impact our work

Team builder: effectively recruits and builds high capacity teams by equipping team members to succeed in their roles

Role Responsibilities:

Events Director

Plans events from start to finish (ideation, recruitment, execution, and debriefing)

Manages event finances effectively by staying within budget constraints

Develops donor relationships for the sponsorship of events

Recruits and develops volunteer teams for events

Develops branding and communication plan for events

Volunteer Coordinator

Recruits volunteers to assist with administrative and operational projects

Coordinates annual supply drives

Recruits supply drive leaders

Develops volunteers on an individual basis through intentional discipleship

Personal Attributes & Responsibilities:

Follower: loves Jesus and pursues Him daily by putting Jesus 1st, family 2nd, friends 3rd, and ministry 4th

Person of integrity: can be trusted to make wise choices, manage resources responsibly, and respect donor and organizational privacy

Value Champion: embodies One 17’s core values personally and professionally

  • Shares One 17’s story within your relational circles (Storytelling)
  • Strives to equip team members to live fully into their story and role (Empowerment)
  • Takes action to advance the organization and stand against injustice (Action)
  • Invites colleagues and volunteers to give input and feedback regularly (Collaboration)

Conflict-resolver: boldly deals with conflict in real-time by addressing issues when they happen and pursuing reconciliation at all times

Relational leader: friendly and approachable leader valuing people over task

Open communicator: values clear, honest communication by over-communicating details, asking additional questions, and giving constructive feedback

Loyal: remains loyal to One 17's vision, values, staff and volunteer teams

Role Details:

Part-time (24 hours/week at $15-17.50/hour) position with healthcare reimbursement ($200/mo), retirement savings ($60/mo), and a phone stipend ($20/mo) benefits

Reports to the Executive Director

Participates in bi-monthly staff meetings

Participates in a weekly meeting with the Executive Director


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