Gift Catalog

This holiday season, choose joy!

give joy by providing gifts to our students and staff.
Build joy by investing in the development of our campuses.

Staff, Student, and Class Gifts

Give joy to our staff, students, and a class by providing them with a Christmas gift or through becoming a class sponsor.


Student Gift

SOLD OUT! Thank you for providing 8 gifts to our Work Study Students.


Class Gift

At $37 per month, Class Sponsors give joy to a room full of students. 20 new sponsors are needed!


Staff Gift

$25 provides a Christmas gift to a Haitian Staff Member. 23 gifts are needed!

Oakbrook Kids  is providing 152 gifts to our K-4th grade students! Thank you for giving joy, Oakbrook.

Oakbrook Kids is providing 152 gifts to our K-4th grade students! Thank you for giving joy, Oakbrook.

Campus Two Kitchen

Build joy at our second campus by helping us construct our kitchen.

$20,000 has been invested BY SIX DONORS! This project is fully funded.


Lunch Makers


interior 02_v2.jpg

Foundation Diggers


Block Layers



Roof Builder


Campus Furnishings

Build joy by furnishing classrooms and office space at Campus One and campus two.

DSC_0654 2.jpg

Bench Builders

$50 builds a bench for students to sit on.
30 gifts are needed!

Desk Builders

$100 builds a desk for a pair of students to sit at.
25 gifts are needed!


Office Furnishers

$500 provides office equipment for our administrators. 5 gifts are needed!

Campus Two Power

Build joy by providing electrical infrastructure–utility poles, power lines, and transformers–to our second campus.

campus aerial from road.jpg

Power Provider

SOLD OUT! $15,000 has been committed to this project through the generosity of 2 donors. Power will be run out to our school property next Spring!

Campus One Guest House

Build joy by funding and furnishing guest housing for our serving teams.

$3,500 has been invested into the Guest house and Staff Lounge.

DSC_0721 2.jpg

Room Builders

$5,000 helps build one living space in the Guest House. 3 gifts are needed!


Block Layers

$1,000 helps us buy and lay the concrete blocks needed for the walls. 7 gifts are needed!


Bunk Builders

$200 is needed to build bunk beds and other furnishings. 10 gifts are needed!

Campus Development

check out our campus 1 and 2 development plans here.