Our most recent serving trip to Cambodia marked the official launch of our partnership with New Hope School. Through intentional relationship building, staff training experiences, and a village tour, our teams were able to take remarkable ground as we brought Christ to the center of our new partnership.


Our team’s time with the staff at New Hope was extremely relational, which was integral for building the relational foundation of our partnership. By sharing meals and swapping stories, a unified team emerged, ready to chase after a shared mission of Hope Through Education.

God showed up in powerful ways as each staff and team member shared their personal stories. Through storytelling, we learned valuable knowledge about Cambodian culture, gained insight into the lives of our staff, and built trust that will form the foundation of our partnership with New Hope through the years.

Outside of storytelling, our team focused on discipleship, Bible curriculum implementation, leadership training, and swapping organizational stories. Ben and Julie brought excellence, passion, and relational depth to the team. Ben’s pastoral heart came out as he had a keen sense for what the staff was feeling and needing, as well as, a strong ability to connect with the team. Julie’s passion for teaching and empowering others inspired the New Hope team and eased their anxiety around implementing new curriculum. The teachers were captivated and inspired by her ability to teach and share stories in a creative way. In short, it was a fantastic launch to the partnership. Curtis, our Executive Director, led the charge on leadership training, discussion around the culture of our organizations, and the future direction of our partnership.

We’re so thankful for the way God protected and united our team and used storytelling to set the foundation for our partnership. Our time at New Hope—sharing stories, meals, and culture—was the perfect way to launch a healthy partnership in which two organizations come together to step into the story God is writing for Cambodia.