We’ve marked out the boundary lines, finalized the negotiations, and we now own two acres of land for our second school campus! We can’t wait to see how God is going to use a new campus to give even more students hope through education as they discover who they are in Christ and what they were created to do.

Campus Map_Haiti.jpg

Our new land in Sarazin is about 20 minutes from our first campus.

For us, this is more than just a new piece of land that will be home to a new building and new classrooms. It’s a symbol of the opportunity we’ve been given to take action against injustice and empower Haiti’s students to discover the amazing things their futures hold. It’s a place where we will raise up students who are not only passionate about their communities, but actively engaged in finding creative solutions for the problems their communities face.

All of this is impossible without a strong foundation. We’re not talking about concrete and rebar, we’re talking about people and leaders.

Dieflyne (left) and Woodmirline (right)

Dieflyne (left) and Woodmirline (right)

That’s why we’ve already started building up the future leaders of our second campus. Dieflyne is our current First Grade teacher and Woodmirline teaches Kindergarten 3. They have both shown incredible skill in the classroom, a deep alignment with our core values, and leadership ability and potential. We’ve invited them to join our Management Team and sit in on Leadership Training sessions that will equip them to lead the staff and students of our second campus as they step into the stories God is writing for them. This strong, Christ-centered leadership is the kind of foundation that builds schools where students are empowered to discover the talents, passions, and abilities that will create change in the world around them.