“This school is my family.”

The stories that follow highlight our core values and the ways in which ordinary people are rallying around the vision of hope through education to make an extraordinary impact together.

In the midst of a challenging personal year, Yvrose, our Administrative Director in Haiti, shared that she found belonging, comfort, and family within our school staff and student community. One 17 International is an organization, but it is more than that to all of us; it’s a family. As we look back over how God has worked through us in the past year, we look back at a family that has thrived and continued to grow.

We wholeheartedly believe that the reason our family continues to grow and thrive is because every staff member—Haitian and stateside—and every volunteer is fully committed to our core values. Our family values.


Every story and every voice matters. We share the stories of our staff, students, volunteers, and communities in a way that glorifies God.


Wisline's Story

When teachers filter student interaction through this value, incredible things happen.


Raising Awareness

3,573 people learned stories of hope, hardship, and everything in between as they visited our website. Over 1,600 people learned the stories of our staff, students, and organization through public speaking engagements!


Young or old, staff or student or volunteer, we believe that God created every person with intention, purpose, and a story to tell. We equip people to discover that purpose and step into their role in God’s story.


France Lourne's Story

Everybody has the ability to empower others. This year, we saw the importance of empowerment after it was sparked by an unlikely group.


Leadership Pipeline

Wisline and Wolcarline accepted promotions into new positions, which meant walking away from teaching the K-1 class together. Wisline thrived in her new role as the K-1 Teacher and Wolcarline did an excellent job providing leadership to our school as the Assistant Principal.


Staff Training

Our Haitian staff received 98 hours of collective training on leadership, personal health, team-building, and job skills development. We are equipping them to be the light of the world to their community!


“Not my job” isn’t in our vocabulary. When we see something that needs to be done—whether it’s standing against injustice or cleaning a classroom—we glorify God by rising to the challenge and taking action.

campus aerial from road.jpg


We aren’t content to let God’s vision for our work in Haiti stop at one campus. That’s why one of the biggest highlights of our year was buying land for the future site of our second school campus. With the purchase of this land, we are taking steps to grow our impact by opening our doors to more students from more communities.



After learning about the injustice of unreached people groups, we took action by sending a team on an exploratory trip to Cambodia. God stirred our hearts in unforgettable ways and inspired our Board to make a commitment to serving the left behind in Cambodia. We're implementing our Multiplication Process in order to launch new work there in the coming years.

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Serving Trips

53 trip members leveraged their time and talents to advance our work in the field. Team members provided leadership training, Prodigy Camp experiences, and healthcare to our staff and students.


Stateside Volunteers

65 people advocated for the left behind by rolling up their sleeves to serve on one of our stateside teams. These volunteers raised money, developed curriculum, served on our Board of Directors, helped us share our story, and provided guidance to our operations.


God equips us to be the light of the world by giving us a specific role to play. By pursuing partnership and collaboration, we multiply our impact as we lock arms with other churches, organizations, and individuals.


Haitian Staff

This year, we have seen Greg and Wolcarline—our Principal and Assistant Principal—work together to elevate this value among our Haitian staff. From coming together to develop curriculum that’s relevant to our students’ lives to learning how to build social contracts in the classroom, our staff is collaborating at a level we’ve never seen before. When that happens, our students win.


Female Leaders

This collaboration has also had an unexpected but important side effect. Wolcarline’s leadership skills are providing a model of strong female leadership to our students, both male and female. Young students like Alexandra, herself an emerging leader, are able to see what it looks like when women are empowered to step into leadership roles and take on responsibility.

strategic partners help us advance our mission. we better reflect God's kingdom when we lock arms with like-minded partners.

The Flippen Group provided their Capturing Kids' Hearts training experience to our Haitian staff team!

The Flippen Group provided their Capturing Kids' Hearts training experience to our Haitian staff team!

Feed My Starving Children donated over 20,000 meals to our staff and students!

Feed My Starving Children donated over 20,000 meals to our staff and students!

Church Partners raised over $10,000 for textbooks, Christmas gifts, and library resources through camp experiences and supply drives!

Church Partners raised over $10,000 for textbooks, Christmas gifts, and library resources through camp experiences and supply drives!


Every dollar donated impacted the lives of our staff members and students. 303 donors invested $298,106 this year. Your investment makes hope through education happen!

Income: $298,106

Expense: $264,379

Income Comparison Annual Report.jpg

None of the work accomplished this year would have been possible without countless hours, dollars, and prayers that donors, volunteers, and partners provided as they locked arms with us.

These contributions made it possible for 135 students and approximately 660 family members to experience hope through education. They made it possible for 22 Haitian staff members to be gainfully employed, to contribute to their communities and economies, and to continue the journey of discovering how they fit into God’s restoration story for Haiti.

And they will make an even bigger, deeper impact possible next year.



You helped us write a beautiful story of hope this year!